Q: Will my family be welcome at BeeBops?


Q: Can my child try out a class?

A: Absolutely! We look forward to seeing you! The first class is always free. Email beebopsmedina@gmail.com to RSVP to one of our classes.

Q: Who will teach the class?

A: All BeeBops classes are taught by Ms. Kimberly States. Ms. Kimberly has her Master's degree in Music from The New England Conservatory of Music and Bachelor's of Music  from Heidelberg University. She is certified to teach First Steps and the Learning Groove curriculum. 

Q: Is there a registration fee?

A: Nope. Nada. No way.

Q: How many students are in each class?

A: This is what makes BeeBops special.  This is a semi-private class. BeeBops classes are limited to 4 students and their caregivers. This allows for individualized attention from Ms. Kimberly and an overall calmer atmosphere. 

Q: What will I receive when I purchase a 10 pack class pass?

A: You will receive a gift bag with fun and educational items for you and your child to use at class and at home. You will also receive (digitally) the soundtrack to our class which includes over 20 songs that you can play at home! 

Q: Is BeeBops a chain of music stores/classes?

A: Nope! BeeBops is a local music class that was founded in Medina, Ohio by Kimberly States, a proud Medina bee. 

Q: How long are the classes?

A: All classes are 40 minutes in length.

Q: I cannot attend the class with my child. Can I drop my child off for the class?

A: BeeBops is a Mommy/Daddy/Caregiver & Me style class. At least one parent or caregiver must be present at all BeeBops classes. This is a great time to bond, learn and create with your child. Up to 2 adults are welcome for each child present. 

Q: What is the level of commitment for this class?

A: The session lasts 10 weeks. You will attend one class per week based on your schedule. 

Q: How do I schedule classes?

A: Once you register, you will receive a login to a scheduling website where you can schedule your classes.

Q: What is your cancellation policy after registering for a class?

A: You can cancel your registration up to 24 hours in advance of class time. 

Q: Do I have to attend the same class at the same time every week?

A: Nope! YOU are in control of scheduling your classes. You have 6 choices of days/times each week. Classes fill on a first come, first served basis. You select ONE day/class each individual week. It does not need to be the same day/class each week. 

Q: BeeBops classroom is located in a church. Is BeeBops religiously based?

A: We LOVE St. Paul's Church and appreciate the classroom space. No, BeeBops is not religiously based.

Q: My child has physical limitations or is developmentally delayed. Is BeeBops appropriate for my child?

A: The BeeBops classroom is located on the first floor of St. Paul's Church and is mostly wheelchair accessible . If you have concerns about if BeeBops would work for you and your child, please email Ms. Kimberly at beebopsmedina@gmail.com