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Bringing a bit of the East Coast music scene to Medina, Ohio


Find. Your. Voice

Ever wonder what it would feel like to understand what all those music notes on the page meant? Ever wish you could get through a line of song without feeling breathless?

Maybe you’ve sung your whole life and are looking for a fresh perspective or a fresh pair of ears to give you feedback. Perhaps you are ready to start a professional career as a singer but don’t quite know where to start….

Possibly you are the parent of a child who sings along to Taylor Swift and would like to help them channel that energy into focused practicing.

Or perhaps you are thinking about majoring in music in college and need some help with ALL. THOSE. DIFFICULT.DECISIONS. I spent some time in music school (6 years to be exact), so let me guide you along the process.

I’ve spent the last 6 years on the East Coast of the United States singing at venues like Lincoln Center in New York City and Jordan Hall in Boston


I’ve successfully auditioned for countless programs/choirs/operas/musicals and have a clear understanding of what directors are looking for. I’m a huge choir nerd and enjoy the theory behind the music.  I also enjoy being a part of something greater than myself, which is one of the many reasons I teach.

I’ve spent hundreds….. errr thousands of hours not only learning HOW to sing but also learning HOW to communicate to directors and conductors HOW to pick out music that’s great for my voice and that I like to sing HOW to quickly learn a song that I have to sing for gig HOW to stand out and be remembered as a great musician. Let me help you!

Maybe your aspirations don’t include Carnegie Hall….that’s ok! I teach both those who are looking to launch a music career to those who want to sing outside their church choir for fun and everyone in between. I teach ages 8-88 and ALL levels are welcome.

Don’t read music? I’ll teach you. Don’t know how to sightread? We’ll practice it in our lesson.

I have three requirements for the students in my studio:

  • A good attitude

  • A willingness to learn

  • The courage to try new things and techniques

If this sounds like you or your child, send me an email and let’s chat about the possibilities.

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