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Student & Parent Testimonials

Kimberly is a phenomenal vocal coach!! I would highly recommend her to anyone at any level. My daughter really looks forward to her lesson each week and I am always amazed at how much she learns from Kimberly. My daughter has grown leaps and bounds in just a few shorts months! On top of all her talent, Kimberly is a kind and caring teacher. - Stacy G. 

So pleased with KSVocal and the results we are seeing after attending for a short time. Kimberly really cares about her students and their accomplishments. Studio communication is very good and prices are reasonable. - Laura K.

We couldn't have asked for better voice coach. My daughter enjoys going every week. She's always full of smiles when picking her up and loves learning new songs. I can already hear the improvement in her voice from the techniques that she's learned. We're honored to have Miss Kimberly as her teacher.- Carla H.

Kimberly is an excellent vocal teacher. My high school-aged son enjoys his classes with her immensely and he looks forward to each and every lesson. As a parent, I am welcome to watch lessons if I choose. I watched Kimberly work with my son and I was so impressed with her ability to gently correct, redirect in a positive direction and praise in a way that results in improvement and excitement in the student. Kimberly is not only his vocal teacher, she also serves as his performance mentor. When he was in a non-musical play recently, she came to see and support him. She has addressed his plans for a future in performance, has suggested workshops and try-outs for him and she regularly sends us articles to read that are pertinent to him and his skill sets. We both are so happy with our decision to work with Kimberly. I would recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation. - Heathyr Z. 

Excellent teacher with stellar credentials. I highly recommend! - Michele B.

Kimberly is an excellent teacher and my daughter looks forward to lessons every week. - Sara P.

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