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BeeBops believes that every child (and adult!) have the ability to create beautiful music. BeeBops fosters individualism, creativity and self-confidence in a nurturing and fun atmosphere. 

BeeBops utilizes curriculum from First Steps (Feierabend Association of Music Education) and songs and activities from the Learning Groove. 

BeeBops Benefits:

Music Skills: Children learn to sing songs, clap in rhythm, play musical instruments and enjoy a variety of musical activities. 

Language Development: Children learn and practice new words, express ideas verbally, rhyme, provide creative input, develop phonological awareness, and improve fluency skills. 

Preschool Readiness: Children learn to work and play with others, follow instructions, take turns, focus their attention, transition, clean up, and share. 

Cultural Awareness: The BeeBops Curriculum includes over 20 genres of music from all over the world.

Motor Coordination: Children explore and develop skills including fine motor (finger) skills, clapping, walking, hand and arm motions, dance moves, jumping, balancing, and more. 

Creative Expression: Children move creatively, imagine, play with words, explore sounds, create rhythms and express feelings. 

Interpersonal Skills: Children learn how to say hello, goodbye and thank you, help each other, play together, and to face their social inhibitions. 

Love and Happiness: Children bond with parents and teachers, laugh, share, hug, smile, make friends and develop self-esteem.

Print Awareness: Children experience “interactive reading,” becoming familiar and engaged in books.  

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